Organizational Conflict Consulting and Training

New York Peace Institute provides confidential conflict consulting services for organizations that need the support and expertise of a neutral facilitator to mediate team disputes.

We design conflict intervention processes for a host of different clients: national and international non-profits, co-op boards and tenant associations, community groups, religious organizations, boards of directors, management teams and private sector businesses. Our suite of conflict consulting services foster communication between group members, build conflict resolution skills of participants, and assist teams to move forward.

We work with organizations on short-term projects ranging from a single session to several sessions, and also work on long-term projects over the course of several months. We have no limit to the number of parties we can work with and have extensive experience facilitating multi-party disputes.

Facilitation processes may include:

• Stakeholder interviews
• Stakeholder skills training
• Individual coaching sessions
• Organization-wide training
• Two person or multi-party mediation around a single event

Please complete the form below to help us explore how we might be of service. New York Peace Institute will follow-up with you upon review.

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