Caseload Manager is the leading cloud-based caseload management system for ADR practitioners and programs.   We work with you to shape your Caseload Manager to meet your unique case and data management needs.  We include everything at a set price, including consultation, training, ongoing support and reports.  


Developed by Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) home of

Caseload Manager has been developed by Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS), home of the world's leading dispute resolution web site:  RIS, in business since 1996, is the leading infrastructure software provider to the dispute resolution industry.  

Matt Phillips, NAFCM Executive DirectorOver the past twenty years, NAFCM has analyzed what community mediation centers can do to strengthen their infrastructure and grow.  
That is why we now strongly encourage community mediation centers to adopt Caseload Manager for "cloud-based" secure program and case management.  Caseload Manager i
s easy to transition to and will have your center operating more easily and more efficiently.  Training and ongoing support are included in the affordable package.  Caseload Manager offers top flight program and case management in a safe, accessible and intuitive program.  
Matthew Phillips, NAFCM Executive Director


Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc.
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Annual Number of Cases Price Per Month Price Per Year 
001-100 $39 $390 
101-200 $64 $640
201-300 $89 $890 
301-400 $104 $1040 
401-500 $119 $1190 
501-600 $134 $1,340
601-800 $149 $1,490 
801-1,000 $169 $1,690 
1,000-1,250 $189 $1,890 
1,251-1,500 $209 $2,090 
1,501-1,750 $229 $2,290 
1,751-2,000 $249 $2,490 
2,000-2,250 $269 $2,690 
2,251-2,500 $289 $2,890 
2,500 +  Ask for proposal

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Caseload Manager has been used to resolve over 20,000 cases.  1,400 panelists are currently resolving cases with Caseload Manager.

Benefits of Caseload Manager  

  • Everything is included - training, ongoing support, back-up, system updates and more.
  • Authorized individuals access their case information from any location on any device.
  • Manage staff and resources with better information and accountability.
  • Caseload Manager is available 365/24/7 with automated hourly back-ups and updates.
  • Caseload Manager is scalable: You can manage unlimited cases, staff & panel members.

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